Client Testimonials for Darnelle

Client Testimonials for Darnelle Parker

“Darnelle connected with each of my pets (a dog and two cats), and her insight and ability to communicate with them in such a deep level has helped me tremendously.  I am grieving the recent loss of my daughter, and Darnelle was able to connect and communicate my pets’ grief, and how the loss of Rachel is affecting them.  It was so comforting to hear that my dog and cats want to help me through my grief, and that they are able to see my daughter in Spirit and are very connected to her.  Darnelle had a lot of great advice on how to make their lives more comfortable, and she confirmed that they are very happy and that they love me, and each other. Her ability to connect with my pets was amazing. I feel blessed to have such a supportive resource… Darnelle you are a true blessing! Thank you!!”

“I contacted Darnelle about some sleep issues my dog was having. My dog was so responsive quiet and loving spirit and his sleep issues cleared up. Darnelle is professional, compassionate and effective. My dog and I are so grateful for her visit and I would not hesitate to call her again.”
MK, Buffalo, NY

“I contacted Darnelle when my cat Alexander went missing in November 2017.  I had let him outside on my patio, as I normally did.  He would typically stay out for a bit every morning, then meow at the door when he was ready to come in.  He didn’t come back to the door, and I spent the next 5 days searching for him, posting flyers, checking the SPCA, etc.”

“I had visited with Darnelle after his 3rd day of being gone, and had heard about her through Santosha. I brought pictures of Alexander, and Darnelle was able to connect and communicate with Alex!!  She could see that he was not far, possibly right in my neighborhood somewhere, and couldn’t find his way home, perhaps because I live in a townhouse development where all of the houses look very similar. Darnelle was also able to determine that Alex had met a stray cat, who was showing him the good life of living outdoors!  I had previously seen a black stray cat in my neighborhood.  In Darnelle’s communication with Alex, he told her that he was enjoying his time outdoors, he did miss me, and Darnelle asked him if he was willing to come home, and Alex said yes. I met with Darnelle on a Saturday morning, and she told me that Alex would come home, most likely early Monday morning. Darnelle was also able to communicate with Alex about specific things, such as him missing his brother (he was with his brother when I adopted him, and I always felt bad about not adopting his brother as well), she was able to ask him if a kitten would be OK, and he said yes. I have a dog, and as Darnelle spoke with Alex, he indicated that he thought Ivy (my dog) had too much estrogen, and he didn’t like when she was overly active.  I had told Darnelle that I was thinking of getting a kitten, so I was glad to know that Alex would be OK with that!”

“Darnelle was able to show Alex snow, as I was very worried that if he didn’t come home before it started snowing, he would freeze.  I was also so relieved to know that he was alive, and was coming home!  I awoke early Monday morning, looked out the patio door where he would meow out, and was very sad that there was no sign of him.  I went to let my dog out, and when I slid open the door, Alexander came flying into the house!!  It was about 5am!  He came running in, just as Darnelle said he would, and on the morning she said he would return!!”

“Needless to say, the animal communication that Darnelle was able to provide was extremely comforting, and 100% accurate!!  Thank you Darnelle!”
C. Lofaso

“Darnelle is amazing! I was so upset about my missing cat. I intuitively knew he was safe and that he was close to home. Darnelle’s reading helped confirm just that. She spoke with him telepathically and he told her he would be home in two days if I did certain things. I took the advice and 2 days later there he was in my driveway without a scratch after being gone for 10 days! She gave me renewed hope and that’s all I needed.”
Jamie Haen — Happy Customer